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Component & Module

Auxora possesses a rich heritage in the optical industry. Having produced the highest performing, field-proven optical
components in the market today, we offer the distinctive, highly skilled optics expertise that differentiates us from other

  • IGFF Device

    Auxora's Isolator Gain Flattening Filter (IGFF) is a filter-based device which features ultra low insertion loss, super thermal stability and excellent reliability. The device is a combination of one polarization insensitive isolator and one GFF device based on lead-free packaging platform without epoxy on the optical path. The GFFs provide in-line compensation of the spectral gain profile of EDFAs, and can be used for high-power applications in DWDM system.

  • 100G DWDM Device

    Auxora's Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexer (DWDM) is based on TFF (thin film filter) platform, it features ultra-low insertion loss, high isolation, super thermal stability and excellent reliability. The device is Telcordia GR-1221/1209-CORE compliant, thus enabling it to be used for wavelength add/drop in telecommunication network systems. Auxora can provide customized designs to meet specialized feature applications.

  • Duplex DWDM MUX&DEMUX Module

    Auxora's Duplex DWDM MUX&DEMUX Module is designed to combine/separate multiple DWDM signals over two fibers based on TFF technology. We can provide full complete configuration such as 2, 4, 8, 16, up to 88 channels. Auxora can also provide customized design to suit options of CWDM upgrade port, DWDM upgrade port, monitor ports, bi-directional com port TX/RX, 1310nm and 1550nm wideband port for existing 1310nm and 1550nm equipment.

  • CEx PON Module

    Growing bandwidth demands are driving the upgrade of passive optical networks around the world. Where there is existing PON infrastructure, providers are extending the life of the existing PON network by upgrading or adding to the existing network PON infrastructure will require new optical components to leverage existing passive optical components Network and allow coexistence (CEx) of different generations of PON. Auxora’s Coexistence (CEx) module portfolio is integrated into the network near the Optical Line Terminal (OLT) so that existing PON services will coexist with XGS-PON, NG-PON2, RF Video, OTDR and other current and future technologies such as 25GS-PON, 50G PON, 100G PON, etc.

  • O-Band xWDM Module

    Auxora’s O-Band 200G/400G channel Space xWDM Module is designed to combine/separate multiple OBand xWDM signals based on TFF technology. We can provide full complete configuration such as 2, 4, 8, 16 channels. The O-Band module features low insertion loss, as well as broad pass band and high isolation, which makes it to be ideally used for 100G O-band xWDM Transceivers as well as Datacom network applications.

  • 100 GHz Athermal Arrayed Waveguide Grating DWDM Module

    Auxora's athermal arrayed waveguide grating DWDM module is based on silica-on-silicon planar technology and no electrical power and temperature control is required. A variety of commonly used configurations such as 32/40/44/48 channels can be provided, which are all available in standalone 19'' or 23'' 1RU/2RU rack mount.

  • IWDM+GFF Hybrid Device

    Auxora's WDM+Isolator+GFF Hybrid Device is a combination of a 980/1550 nm WDM 、 optical isolator and GFF. The device features low IL, high isolation, high return loss and low PDL. By combining three functions into an ultra compact package, the packaging dimension can be approx. φ3.0x30mm, which enables it to be an ideal solution to EDFA application.

  • 2x2 Bypass Mechanical Optical Switch

    Auxora's 2x2 bypass mechanical optical switch is designed to change optical channels by redirecting an incoming optical signal into a selected output fiber, which is achieved using our patented opto-mechanical proprietary. The switch features ultra-high reliability, low IL, fast switching speed as well as bi-directional performance, it is widely used for re-configurable optical add/drop multiplexers, optical cross-connect systems, and network switching for fault protection applications.

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