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Auxora provide passive optical subcomponents, components, modules and subsystems that can be used in high-speed
telecommunication and data communication systems. We design and manufacture the products as well as offer customized
solutions based on our customers product specifications.

  • Duplex DWDM OADM Module

    Auxora's Dual DWDM OADM is designed to add/drop DWDM signals into two fibers, which makes it a flexible, low-cost solution for increasing the bandwidth demand on enterprise and metro access networks. It can simultaneously support ESCON, ATM, Fiber Channel, Gigabit-Ethernet, without disturbing each other. Auxora provides customized design to suit situations in which your existing network has one or two fibers, redundant network, ring or linear network design etc.

  • FWDM Device

    Auxora's filter wavelength division multiplexer series are based on thin-film filter (TFF) technology to perform the Multiplexing or De-multiplexing functions in the Telecom/FTTX network. The devices are used to combine/separate light at different wavelengths. We provide filter-based WDM devices that are customized to the particular wavelength bands for your special applications.

  • 4 Channel CWDM Color Cable

    Auxora's 4 channel CWDM color cable is an integrated optical device based on free-space tech bench which can significantly improve optical performance and minimize packaging size. The 4 channel CWDM color cable features ultra-compact size like a cable, as well as broad pass band and high isolation, which makes it to be ideally used for 5G applications.

  • Fiber Optic Patchcord

    Auxora's fiber optic patchcords are used to connect a broad range of optical equipment. We offer a full line of industry standard connection products that support a wide range of fiber and fiber cable types. With our vertically integrated design and manufacturing capability, we can provide customized products to meet our customers’ needs for compact size and special features. We specialize in providing our customers with high performance custom cable assemblies to serve in conjunction with our optical interconnection solutions at all interface points in the optical communications networks.

  • MPO/MTP Patchcord

    Auxora's MPO / MTP patchcords are simplex multi-fiber cable using the MPO / MTP connector in fiber counts of 4, 8, 12 or 24. The MPO/MTP patchcords offer Male and Female MPO / MTP connectors on each end and available in 4~24 fibers versions as well as multi-mode (62.5/125, 10G OM2/OM3/ OM4,Bend-insensitive fiber, etc.) and single-mode(G652D, G657A1 etc.) fiber types.

  • MPO/MTP Harness Cable

    Auxora's MPO / MTP harness cable assemblies utilize fanout kit to connect trunk cable to generic fiber optic connectors such as LC, SC, FC, ST, MTRJ, etc, they are available in 8/12/24/48 fibers versions as well as multi-mode (62.5/125, 10G OM2 / OM3 / OM4, Bend-insensitive fiber, etc.) and single-mode (G652D, G657A1 etc.) fiber types.

  • MPO/MTP Hydra Cable

    Auxora's MPO / MTP hydra cable is designed to deploy inside plug &play cassette modules, it is made of 12-colored 0.9mm cable by utilizing a MPO / MTP connector on one end and 8/12/24 generic connectors (such as LC/SC/FC/ etc.) on the other end. They can be used together with our plug and play modules, MPO / MTP Adapter Plates ect, available in 8/12/24 multimode/single-mode fibers (OM1/OM2/OM3/OM4/G657A1/G652D).

  • MPO/MTP Trunk Cable

    Auxora's trunk cables include MPO -MPO and MPO hybrid types through a combination of 12~144 12-F MPO and /or generic connectors. Plug and Play Reels, pulling eyes are designed to quickly connect these cables into Plug &Play modules and adapter plates, thus ensuring high-density connections can be made efficiently in field applications.

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